15 April, 2018

Dear fellow Shintaido instructors,


We hope you are well and enjoying keiko!

The Board is working hard, meeting regularly, and developing projects that we think will interest you and strengthen our global community. Heres an update:


Summary of this letter:

  • Our NPO has been established in France and we will soon be ready for business.
  • Business including web-site reconstruction is underway.
  • Events including this falls Italy gasshuku are under preparation.
  • We provide some explanation of our new name, International Shintaido Project. 
  • We are planning to formally reconstitute our membership.



The new Board took office in January. As explained in our announcement to you on January 27, we began the process of NPO incorporation in France. We are happy to say we have succeeded. We are registered, will have a bank account and Paypal account shortly, and soon we will be open for business.

We are currently working on several other projects. These include a redesign of our website, which will serve as business portal and documents storage, including a video library.

We are planning for meetings and keiko events, including international exams to be held at the ESC gasshuku in Italy this fall and the 2020 International Gasshuku.

We are also supporting the work of ITEC, which is particularly busy developing Shintaido Kenjutsu curriculum, including an exciting kumitachi series. Kenjutsu exams up to ni-dan will be available as soon as this fall in Italy.


As mentioned in our January announcement, we are operating under a new name: International Shintaido Project. We made this change when we could not easily transfer the name ISC from the United States to France, due to issues involving ISC incorporation there. The new name is temporary, and when the ISC name is again available, we may consider resuming its use or choose another name. This decision will be made by all of us at a future General Membership Meeting.


Which brings us to the next topic: membership. Currently we are operating without formal membership. As you recall, the Board stopped collecting dues in 2016. Business continued, however, including international exams, the establishment of new bylaws, the reinvigoration of our technical committee as ITEC, Kenjutsu development, and the establishment of a new board. As work continues, we ask that you join the effort by re-establishing your membership with this community of instructors.


You will be hearing from us about how to rejoin in the coming days. Until then, please have a look at the documents linked to this message (simply click on the title). You will find a list of Eight reasons to be an ISP Member which we hope you will find inspiring and a Summary of the ISP bylaws (passed by referendum last summer).

Warm regards,

ISP Board:


      Jean-Louis de Gandt

      Soichiro Iida           

      Lee Ordeman         

      Pierre Paranque     

      Pierre Quettier