Dear ISP colleagues and friends,

The ISP board wishes to give you an update on a number of subjects:

  1. Our 2020 International Gasshuku to be held in Japan
  2. Our first GMM (General Membership Meeting) to be held online in February 2019
  3. A short summary of ISP activities in 2018
  4. Request for help / talent for the graphic design and picture / video content of our new site
  5. ‘Semi International’ in Pisa, Italy last month, and examination results
  6. New examination rules just published by ITEC

Our 2020 International Gasshuku will take place in Japan, in the Kansai region, near lake Biwa.

  • The dates are November 5 to 8, 2020. Access through Osaka Kansai International Airport.
  • This Gasshuku will be organised by the Kansai group of Shintaido instructors.
  • The Technical Director will be H.F. Ito sensei.
  • The Event Manager will be S. Iida.
  • The cost estimate for full board and tuition is around 500USD / 430€.
  • We have received very good feedback on the choice of Japan as the location for our next International Gasshuku. We are very excited and wanted to let you know without waiting so you could plan for this well ahead.

After one year of ISP existence, our first GMM will be online, in February 2019.

The way this will work is as follows:

  • On February 1st at the latest, we will send you electronically all the documents for information or decision. Any item that you would like to see on the agenda of the GMM, please let one of us know by Jan. 18.
  • From February 1st to 7, you will send your questions, comments, suggestions back to the board.
  • From February 9 to 21, the board will reply to questions and take comments and suggestions into account to finalise the documents or decisions which will be submitted to vote.
  • On February 22, the board will send final documents submitted to vote.
    Voting will take place from February 22 to February 28 (this includes a week-end.) (We will send further information about the online voting tool at a later date.)
  • This GMM will be completed by February 28, end of day.
    Results and minutes will be published during the first half of March.
    This is new for all of us. We will learn from the experience!

Also please consider being a candidate to join the ISP board.

  • Our bylaws provide for 7 board members.
  • We are currently 5 and Lee Ordeman will not run for reelection at the next GMM (All board members need to be elected at the upcoming GMM according to article 7.1 of the Bylaws of ISP).
  • So we are looking for 3 candidates.
  • Ideally we would need two members from North America to ensure a balanced representation of all regions, but we will welcome any candidacy as we really need help! Please contact any of us shortly to understand how this board works and discuss how you could help.
  • And we need to know as soon as possible who is candidate to organise these elections properly.

A short summary of ISP activities and financial year to date in 2018

A full activity report will be submitted for the GMM. Here is a preview:

  • Creation of a stand-alone Shintaido Kenjutsu path (kata, kumitachi, examination system). (ITEC)
  • Improvement of current examination system (change in examination schedule). (ITEC)
  • Clarification of ISC tax status (Board)
  • ISP created in France as NPO, clear NPO status (legal and tax) under French law
  • 5 board members: JL de Gandt, P. Quettier, P. Parranque, L. Ordeman, S. Iida & ITEC representative to the Board, C. Borden
  • In substance same bylaws as approved end of 2017
  • Bank account opened with Credit Mutuel; Paypal account operational
  • Suitable insurance contracted with Maif mutual insurance company.
  • Membership: 64 members as of December 9, 2018.
  • Membership document (8 reasons to be a member etc.) (Board)
  • Communication with members (5 newsletters including this one) (Board)
  • Use of Shintaido name (Position paper) (Board)
  • Draft “Code of Ethics” (Board + ITEC)
  • Investigation of potential locations for 2020 International: Quebec (Gaspésie), Washington DC, Japan (Board)
  • Start rebuild of ISP website, Mailing lists, Newsletters tool (Board)

Finances :

  • Received: 3200€ dues, 2797€ donations
  • Fees: Paypal and bank 165€
  • Expenses: Legal 44€, Insurance 62€, IT 69€

Next steps:

  • ITEC 2019/2020 activities and budget
  • Online GMM early 2019
  • New ISP website
  • 2020 International event (collaborative organisation)
  • Development of a shared and secure grades registration system

Looking for collaborations to build up our new website

  • We have an administrator, Pierre Quettier, to take care of the technical issues. The domain name has been registered and a multilingual installation of Wordpress is online on a suitable host computers with a user friendly page builder. You may have a look at this basic installation (with generic contents). Rob Keidoin has agreed to be the backup administrator.
  • Now we need help so that this site can be a truly collaborative long-lasting platform:
    • In the first place, the site will need graphic design and content management abilities (working with Wordpress tools) to develop its general layout and graphics. Pierre will work in close contact with this layout team.
    • Then the site will need articles writers, editors and translators. Lee Ordeman, member of the Board in charge of communication issues, has agreed to coordinate this second team.
    • Any video, picture or audio media that you feel could be used for the site are most welcome.

If you feel like participating to one of these teams or send some media, please contact directly Pierre or Lee.

"Semi-International" in Pisa, Italy and examination results

This refers to the European Gashuku held in Pisa, Italy from October 31 to November 4. It was called semi-international because it was held halfway between two International Gashukus (2016 and 2020), and ‘International’ exams were organized for levels sei shihan and 3rd dan.
Our friends in Shintaido Italy did a wonderful job in organizing and running this Gasshuku: They deserve a big and warm Thank You! More than 60 people attended. We had a full day of keikos on the beach and 17 people took exams.

Here are the results for people who passed International exams:

  • Watanabe Shigeru: Karate 3rd dan ;
  • Uchida Daiduke: Bojutsu 3rd dan;
  • De Gandt Jean-Louis, Iida Soichiro, Magne Serge, Sheets Mike: Shintaido Sei Shihan.

Congratulations to all of them!

  New examination rules (sent by Jim Sterling in November):

Finally, the whole board of ISP would like to express their most sincere best wishes to all of you for a happy Holiday Season and the coming New Year !

The ISP Board

Jean-Louis de Gandt (
Soichoro Iida (
Lee Ordeman (
Pierre Paranque (
Pierre Quettier (
Connie Borden -- ITEC representative to the Board (


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