General Membership Meeting

February 2019

January 31, 2019.

Message from the ISP Board.

Dear ISP colleagues and friends,

As announced in our December Newsletter, we are proceeding with our first online ISP General Membership Meeting.

The agenda for this GMM is as follows:

1 Approval of ITEC activity report for 2018

Link to ITEC report

2 Approval of ISP Board activity report for 2018

Link to Board report

3 Approval of ISP financial report for the calendar year 2018   

Link to financial report

4 ITEC funding request for activities performed in 2018

Link to ITEC funding request

5 Approval to set 2019 and 2020 annual membership dues at 50€ for each year

Please consider this question together with the proposed budget (next item).

6 ISP proposed estimated budget for the years 2019 and 2020 

Link to budget request

7 Approval of board proposal that the next GMM will be during the 2020 International, instead of electronically in the first quarter of 2020

8 Election of board members

The bylaws of ISP provide that the current board, made of the ‘founding members’ of ISP, should be elected at the first GMM of ISP. The bylaws provide for a Board of seven members, of which three should be elected by each of the three ‘regions’: Europe, Japan, and North America. As we currently only have six candidates, and as there is at least one candidate of each region, our proposal is that the six members be elected by the whole ISP membership: This will clearly simplify the voting process. The candidates are, in alphabetical order:

Mark Bannon, Jean-Louis de Gandt, Soichiro Iida, Lee Ordeman, Pierre Paranque, and Pierre Quettier.

You will be asked to vote for each of them separately. 

Link to introduction by candidates

A few comments:

  • Approval or activity reports is a requirements under French law applicable to non profit organisations. We also think it is good practice to have members give an overall vote on activities performed. We included a broad outline of activities proposed for 2019/2020.
  • We received no request for additional points to be included in the agenda (this GMM was announced in the December Newsletter)
  • Links to the various documents on which you will be asked to vote are included above
  • You have up to February 7 to ask for any clarification or make any suggestion about any of the points on the agenda, and the documents we are submitting to you
  • If changes are made to the documents submitted to vote as a result of your comments / suggestions, final documents submitted to vote will be sent at the latest on February 21.

Voting process:

  • We will use an online voting tool called electionbuddy.
  • This is very user friendly and will only take a few minutes of your time
  • You will receive a personal link allowing you to vote
  • Your votes will remain confidential: The board will know who voted but will not know what each of you voted. We will receive the overall result for each question submitted to vote, and share those results with all of you of course.
  • The voting window will be from February 22 to February 28 (this includes a week-end)
  • We intend to publish the results in the first half of March.

We thank you in advance for participating to this online GMM. Any comment or feedback you would like to give us will be welcome. Please send it to any of the current board members.


The ISP Board:

Jean-Louis de Gandt (

Soichoro Iida (

Lee Ordeman (

Pierre Paranque (

Pierre Quettier (

Connie Borden -- ITEC representative to the Board (


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