- MARCH 2019

Dear ISP colleagues and friends,

The ISP board wishes to give you an update on the following subjects:

  1. Results of votes for the 2019 ISP GMM online
  2. New ISP Board
  3. Short questionnaire on GMM online process
  4. Upcoming events
  5. International Shintaido site
  6. Dues for the year 2019

 1 Results of votes for the 2019 ISP GMM online


Detailed results : Follow this link :

Summary :

  • 70% of ISP members voted
  • ITEC and ISP board reports approved
  • Financial report , ITEC funding request, Proposed 2019/2020 budget and membership fees approved
  • Approval that next GMM will be in 2020 in Japan
  • The six candidates to the ISP board have been elected.
  • All votes with a very large majority.

The ISP board would like to thank all of you who took the time to vote. Through your membership, dues and vote, you make it possible for ISP and ITEC to fulfill their missions.

New ISP Board :


  • The following members have been elected :
    • Mark Bannon, Jean-Louis de Gandt, Soichiro Iida, Lee Ordeman, Pierre Paranque, Pierre Quettier.
  • The board met on March 23d, and the following elections / appointments have been made :
    1. Chairperson : Jean-Louis de Gandt
    2. Secretary : Lee Ordeman
    3. Treasurer : Pierre Paranque
    4. IT manager : Pierre Quettier
    5. Communication manager : Mark Bannon
    6. 2020 Event manager : Soichoro Iida

    3 Short questionnaire on the ISP GMM online :


    We are sending you separately a short questionnaire asking for your feedback on the ISP GMM online that just took place. This was a first, and as mandated in the ISP bylaws, it was meant to avoid having to wait until a quadrennial Gasshuku in order to hold a GMM, as was customary. While the online GMM was imperfect because it did not provide for a real-time interactive discussion, it did allow for members to ask questions and raise issues with Board members before hand, and then it allowed all our membership to make decisions needed to enable the Board and ITEC to perform their jobs and for the ISP to fulfill its mission.

    4 Upcoming events :



    • ESC Fall high event in Reims, France : November 1 to 3, 2019. Contact :   Event site will soon be available.


    • ISP International Gasshuku in Japan :
        1. Dates : November 5 to 8, 2020. Access through Osaka Kansai International Airport.
        2. This Gasshuku is organised by the Kansai group of Shintaido instructors.
        3. Technical Director : H.F. Ito sensei.
        4. Event Manager : S. Iida san. 
        5. The cost estimate for full room/board and tuition is around 500USD / 430€.

    5 International Shintaido website


    You probably had a look at the ISP website. How do you feel about it? Please send your comments to Jean-Louis de Gandt or Pierre Quettier

    6 ISP dues for the year 2019    PLEASE ACT NOW!


    It is that time of the year….  Our bylaws provide for payment of dues for each calendar year at the end of March of each year. In 2018, it took a while for ISP to get organized and open the necessary bank and paypal accounts, so dues were collected later in the year. So we hope you won’t feel you just paid and we are asking for dues again!

    The GMM voted to keep the dues at 50 Euros. And we also have an approved budget, so you have an understanding of how the dues are going to be used. Of course, we will submit detailed financial reports to you in 2020.

    The modalities for payment of dues are the same as last year :


    Instructions for payment of 2019 dues

    1. If you are a resident of a Euro country or UK, payments will be by bank transfer.

    Bank transfer modalities:

    • Through your national organization if this is in place today
    • Directly by yourself in other cases
    • ISP Bank references: See at the end of this document.
    • There should be no bank transfer fees on SEPA transfers (transfers between Euro countries).
    1. If you are NOT a resident of a Euro country, you can pay through Paypal or by bank transfer:
    • Even if payments are bundled, it is usually less expensive to do transfers of small amounts through PayPal.
    • You can pay through Paypal even if you do not have a PayPal account, as long as you have a Credit Card.
    • Please click on the following link to pay your 2019 dues   link to paypal
    • If you want to pay by bank transfer, see instructions above and banking references below. Please make sure then that the transfer is for the exact amount (i.e. 50€), not that amount minus banking fees.

    Any questions, please ask Pierre Paranque, Treasurer of ISP: 

    ISP Bank references:

    Name of bank: Credit Mutuel - Banque nbr: 10278 - Branch number: 06164 – 

    ISP Account nbr: 00020221001  - key: 67

    IBAN (International Bank Account number:


    BIC (Bank Identifier code) : CMCIFR2A

    Address of bank:

    CMC Carrière sur Seine

    11 av du Maréchal Juin, 78230 Carrière sur Seine, France

    Address of beneficiary:

    International Shintaido Project

    12 rue de la Pierre Levée, 75011 Paris, France

    With best wishes from the whole ISP board:


    Jean-Louis de Gandt ( )

    Mark Bannon ( )

    Soichoro Iida ( )

    Lee Ordeman ( )

    Pierre Paranque ( )

    Pierre Quettier ( )

    Connie Borden -- ITEC representative to the Board ( )

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