Dear Shintaido Instructors, members of International Shintaido,

Greetings from the IS board! 

Our yearly GMM took place in July, with 3 weeks for online discussions and 1 week for voting. 52 out of 77 members of IS participated to the votes, so we had the quorum for valid votes.

Thanks  to all of you who participated to the online discussion, and expressed your final opinion through voting. 

The results of the votes were shared from Loomio on August 1st.

Here is a link to the detailed minutes of this GMM for your information: You will find in this document

  • The various resolutions submitted to vote
  • All documents that were used during the GMM
  • The text of the introductory statement for each of the resolutions
  •  Summary of the online discussions when applicable
  • The result of the votes and whether the resolution was approved or rejected. One resolution was rejected: the requirement that an IS member had to be a member of a local, national or regional organization as applicable; changes to the bylaws require a ⅔ majority and this resolution only got a 62% majority.
  • Comments added to the votes when applicable.

This other link is to a much shorter version of the minutes and these will be the official minutes used for legal purposes.

If you have any comments or would like to suggest changes to these minutes, please contact Jean-Louis. 

As per our bylaws, these minutes will be formally approved at our next GMM. 

If you have any feedback about this online GMM process, please let us know or contact any member of the board.

With best wishes from the whole IS board:

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